Nutrition Services

From dogs and cats to horses, cows, new world camelids, and other domestic large animals, our clinical experience in veterinary internal medicine and nutrition enables us to design diets that help to manage systemic disease and to promote optimal health. We also work with exotic mammals and have nutritionally managed a variety of animals from skunks, and monkeys to giraffes and elephants.

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Billing for Consults

Invoices for consults are usually billed after the completion of the consult service. A 50% deposit is required for consults that exceed $250.00, and payment must be received before the completed consult is returned.

If work has already been completed on a consult, and a client later decides they do not want the service, they will be billed for 25% of the original consult price.

Invoices and late payments will be mailed to the referring veterinarian for clients who do not pay their bill after 60 days.